Six Reflections Before Investing in Real Estate

Before you pull it head to invest in real estate, there are a number of things which need to think. The investment in real estate is not only out, buy a property and then figure out what to do with this. If you take time and think about these things, you will have better chances of success. The success of the investment in real estate is profit. Earnings can be a monthly flow of money or the sale of the property at one higher price. Six Reflections Before Investing in Real Estate There are six things to think before investing in real estate: 1 why? Exactly, would want to invest in real estate? Some people seek to generate a permanent flow of income while others just looking to make a quick profit in each business. Some people are looking for a retirement strategy. By investing in properties that generate revenue, a portfolio of retirement could be done with the diversification of stocks or mutual funds. Many people just want to get rich. Sure, they have seen those commercial “get-rich-quick”, so you think that they can make a lot of money really fast. In the majority of cases, it doesn’t work that way. Then to have clarity of objectives when you invest in real estate. Six Reflections Before Investing in Real Estate 2 time Long account? Do you have another job? Do you have family? This will help you decide what type of strategy of investment in real estate would like to undertake. “Buy, lease and wait”, usually investing doesn’t take long and you can always hire a property manager to do most of the work. If you are a busy person, you might want to undertake jointly with another person. You provide the funds and the other person is the property and worries about the marketing, sale, administration, etc. There are many experienced investors looking for other people’s money to invest. These investors want to use the money of others to increase their finances. This allows them to do more business and get a better return on their investments while at the same time they provide to other people in a better return. Be sure to associate with a person of good reputation. You should ask for references and ask about the business that they have done, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask questions. 3 skills What is good? What you enjoy most? He is skilled with his hands or is good with spreadsheets? Do you like to evaluate business or swing the hammer? Their skills will play an important role in deciding with which type of investment in real estate to get involved. For example, if you are skilled with his hands, arrangements and changes are perhaps good for you to buy a property that needs some kind of repair. They could be cosmetic fixes or a great renewal. Then repair the property and then sell it when the arrangements are ready. If it is not good with numbers, it could be associated with someone who did all quotations and pricing, or could also hire someone. 4. capital / career How much money would you like to start investing? Or is thinking of turning the investment real estate in his full-time job? Obviously your options are limited if you don’t have capital to invest, but there are ways to make money in real estate without having your own. For example, you can find someone with whom he associated. Or you could opt for “sandwich lease”, this is when it is offered in leasing the property of an owner and then leasing makes a sub to someone else with the option to purchase. It is actually the “lease with purchase” strategy. It could even be intermediary to finding business for third parties and get a salary in that way. 5 education Regardless of the answers to the above questions, you should use some time in education. You need to know a little of everything so that you can manage the people and the process of investment in real estate. Begin by reading a couple of good books or go to meetings of the clubs of investment in real estate. There are some good blogs that cover many topics in investment in real estate. But be careful as there are many people giving bad advice. Find out with others if they recommended someone who follow. As I mentioned above, how much are train will depend on how long have. You could just wanting to have another investor who invest their money and be a “silent partner”. There are many ways to do that also, but it is important to be trained so that you understand your options. 6 plan Once you have analyzed your situation and determined what types of investments in real estate want to get involved, it should then develop a business plan.

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Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Tips To Sell Your Home Faster Selling a property is a way of converting heritage into a source of income extra or to acquire a House larger or better located, but for this operation do not bring headaches it is necessary to apply certain measures that will help to speed up the transaction. Until recently was enough with a sign to announce and carry out the sale of a property, unfortunately today these ads proliferate so much that they often go unnoticed, hence the importance well planned operation and go a little further. Check out and determines the value It is a key when selling theme: set the value of the House on the market. A direct way is a real estate agency to determine you their selling price. Other possibilities include: taking as reference prices for sale recent of similar properties in the same area, an appraisal of the home by specialized companies, consult in real estate the cost of similar homes offered for sale in the area. Tips To Sell Your Home Faster It is important to know that there are real estate professionals trained to ensure the best conditions of sale, as well as knowledge of the processes that avoid unpleasant surprises and in some cases reduces the waiting time. Rule documentation Experts recommend checking that all the papers are in order, since there are occasions in which real estate are not legally owned by people who want to make use of them, as when the owner dies and succession of good has been done. Another factor is when the Scriptures of the property have errors that may prevent the sale or hinder the accreditation of the property, as failures in the description, location, or name of the owner. The documents you must have are: title of ownership or writing registered in the public registry of property, water tickets and property taxes duly paid, receipts of electricity and telephone as well as extra contracted services, official identification and a sketch of the location to facilitate location. It includes the additional costs Selling a home at a certain price does not mean that you will enter that amount. For this reason you must have clear expenditure that will generate sales. As for example the paperwork involving these transactions, must take into account the expenditure at the notary, lawyer, valuation professionals, real estate agents, and counter to calculate tax for the sale of the building load. In addition to repairs required. The necessary repairs Once you decide to take the step, dozens of buyers will visit the House and checked it with other similar status. Similar prices, which will decide the buyers choose one or the other will be the status and image. If you have access to perform repairs at a reasonable price and people’s confidence, evaluates the cost that can leave you the House ready to sell, so that you are not at a disadvantage with respect to others. There are many buyers that is them upon the world over if they have to make repairs or works. We must begin to understand that the outward appearance should impress the buyer enough as to push it into the House. Normally buyers are influenced by their emotions when they choose a House. With this in mind, think of the buyers as if they were guests of honor. 15 tips for a quick sale 1 invest in advertising. Produces an attractive ad on the sale of housing including hints and important information (useful meters, distribution, year in which it was built) and publish it in mass Internet, as for example in cubic meters. 2 repairing cracked walls or holes, locks, lamps, etc. These details are easy to fix and can nevertheless draw attention in a negative way. Replace blown bulbs, as well as dampers and contacts that do not work. 3. the first impression is important, so the facade and the courtyard must be perfectly clean. It creates a welcoming entrance. Invest time and, if necessary, money put up the front door. 4.-If you show a House that is still inhabited, pays special attention to the cleaning and care of the House during the visit of buyers. You must make sure that everything is in place, perfectly ordered and arranged in a comfortable way. 5. a good decoration is key to impress potential buyers, more taking into account that used home sales has enough demand. 6.-give the House a ventilated appearance, eliminates clutter and minimizes the furniture. Rearrange the furniture so that the atmosphere isn’t charged. It is important to create a spacious environment, with channels of communication between the rooms. 7. Special pon beware of the bathroom and the kitchen. Cleaning tiles, removes signs of moisture or mildew on the boards, place new towels. In the kitchen remove all utensils. Fix leaks in the keys, since this can appear problems in pipelines. 8. Some experts in homes for sale environmental housing with good scents to enhance the sense of well-being. Place fresh flowers or baskets with flavourings by the House. 9. pets can break down the selling process. Even if you love animals, if you want to enhance the sale of your House seeks that animals are not present during the visit of potential buyers. 10. be honest, it faithfully reflects the characteristics of the property, it is not nothing to deceive because, although you could get extra contacts, you run the risk that feel shortchanged. 11 made a photographic archive and a video, we know that doesn’t sell any house without that mediate at least one previous visit, but the photos are the main attraction. The widest possible public. Select images, the first image other than a bath. It seeks to include photos that give a global vision of the property, don’t miss the details. Don’t forget to include images of the facade. 12 get a description with the maximum possible detail, the goal is that the potential buyer can do is an idea of the property by using the text and images that you include. 13 enter all the extras that the House, in this case it is better to sin of excess that understatement. The more easier information will be to make the property attractive in the eyes of the buyers. 14 attends to all the people who get in touch with you, not you delay in the response of emails or calls, you never know if that contact is the person willing to buy it. 15. Finally you should take into account the demand and supply of the local market, since this will determine the time taken to sell the property and the bases of the negotiation. Be patient, the process is not a matter of one or two days. Search updated photos and description, sometimes a small change can make an ad more attractive.

How to Reduce Your Cost of Sales?

From highs, the average housing price has fallen 45% according to the real estate index. In February, the fall was 5.7% over the same month of the previous year. And it is that, with the crisis, the majority of owners have been forced to lower the price of its real estate sales. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by the real estate portal, the rebate half of homeowners who were able to sell in 2014 achieved 15% of the initial price, which means an average of 43,000 euros. But, how to get the owner to lower the selling price of the property? -To negotiate, it is essential to know what is the average price of the area. Real estate index is a quick and easy way to know. See if, at the same location, properties of similar features at a lower price, can be very useful in getting a rebate. -The price of the home may be easier to negotiate if it does not have services like elevator, video intercom or Concierge. The same happens with extras such as terraces, parking lots or garages, storage areas or communal areas. How to Reduce Your Cost of Sales? -If the property is not updated, if needed reforms or have damage also is a compelling reason to adjust the selling price. It is very important to assess the status and the location of the property at the time put on the table an interesting offer. -To know the motives of the owner selling can help push the price down. When it is urgent to sell due to lack of liquidity or in cases of inheritance, tends to be more feasible to achieve a reduction in the price. -Also, it is important to know how long it takes the property for sale. If it takes many months it is usually easier to convince the owner to set a lower price. -Know if the owner has had many offers or not on the floor it may help when it comes to this lower accept to lower the price or not. -You have to be realistic with the available budget and the loan which, upon request, shall grant the Bank. However, if it is too tight but is close to the number of sale, always try contacting the owner of what is possible to pay. -Having cash money is a great incentive for homeowners that, faced with such a perspective, prefer to reduce somewhat the price. -If the expenses involved in the purchase of the property, as the payment of IBI, the community of owners or potential spill that it has planned, are high may be appealed to a rebate. That the owner can leave to take care of them as soon as possible it can be a great advantage for him. -See if it is worthwhile or not the property and assess whether the price compensates for everything that offers housing. If it is exactly what you are looking for and you can pay, it is better to accept and not risk losing it. Whatever it is, it is very important to know to negotiate peaceful and head. If he is not trained to negotiate, it is always preferable to hire a professional or real estate agency that helps this process.

Should I sell my home before I buy a new one?

According to a survey, for 61% of Spaniards who purchased housing in 2014 it wasn’t their first shopping experience. This means that buyers who already have housing, in many cases, rented or sold towards the payment of the real future. With low housing demand and prices falling from highs, some decide to rent but, if you choose to otherwise what to do first: buy or sell? Should I sell my home before I buy a new one?   In the years prior to the crisis, was begin with the purchase and then to sell the House. In fact, all financial entities helped with banking products that are conducive to this type of operations. However, with the bursting of the bubble, many families who purchased a new loan ended up not to sell their previous home, staying with two mortgages that they could not afford. This led to evictions and the thousands of bad experiences that we know today. Learned the lesson and with the current economic and employment landscape of the country, today all experts recommend, always, to sell and then buy. While it is true that there are financial products that allow this type of operations, the conditions tend to have more disadvantages than advantages, and to consider a risk operation, the Bank usually require a high economic profile. For this reason, before investing in a new home, should have very clear the economic situation of each and the budget that it has. Should I sell my home before I buy a new one? The strict conditions for access to credit makes that, if there is liquidity, is difficult to qualify for a mortgage, hindering the sale of houses. Indeed, according to the survey “Experience of sale 2014”, carried out by the real estate portal, the Spaniards take an average of 11.5 months to sell your home. In addition, the constant fall in prices, except in areas prime, it is in many cases not getting the desired capital to facilitate the purchase of the new property. According to the study, “The profile of the buyer in 2014”, the main reason why the Spanish homebuyers is because they want a better home, either because they have found a property that fit most needs, want to move to a neighborhood better. However, sell implies lower, on average, 15% starting price (€43.497). Thus, they buy at a low price, but because they have also sold at a low price. For this reason, and to avoid “pinching fingers”, it today is normal that you want to sell before you buy. Advantages of selling before buying -The economic tranquillity offered by this operation. Know what you have and, as a result, you can spend. -Do not you’re forced to lower the price because you run fast sell. You can expect someone to buy for what you ask or make you a good offer. -It is easier to gain access to a mortgage loan, if necessary. -There are more likely to be able to negotiate the purchase price, since a money for entry is available or you are mortgage-free. -Reinvest the money from a sale in the purchase of a home is to save capital gains taxation, provided that in the case of residence and the purchase is made before the two years from the date of sale. -Where is sold and you do not know what to buy, you can always choose to rent. What to do if you want to or need to buy before selling? Certain circumstances as finding housing that fits what you need or have to move to a particular site or on a date fixed by working or family issues, for example, can lead to buy before selling. What can you do to minimize the risks? -At the time of booking housing, pay and minimum signal, if at the end the housing could not be acquired. -Agree on a few clauses least restrictive possible in terms of deadlines for purchase after pay and signal -Before of buying, try to negotiate a lease with option to purchase that will allow, while the sale, like rental housing and avoid a new mortgage up to then. -Be aware of the available budget and think about what will happen if it is not sold the floor to last one or two years. Could I pay two mortgages? -Make sure that you can pay credit to finance housing, if needed.